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6 Amazing Sites to Get Free Stock Photos

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Looking for beautiful stock photos?

When I first started my blog, I didn’t know that in addition to writing, I would also need to be a “graphic designer”. Pinterest is where most bloggers get their traffic and learning how to create pretty pins is very important.

I am not one of the most creative persons and I had no idea that you can even find free beautiful stock images online when I first started blogging. I tried to create my own stock photos – needless to say, they were just not presentable. That’s how clueless I was.

Why Do We Need Stock Photos

We are visual creatures.  Not to mention that is how a lot of bloggers drive traffic to their blogs using Pinterest.

Unless you’re a photographer, you need to have beautiful stock photos to create your pins.

Having bright, clear and beautiful photos can attract more readers to your site. Once you find the style that fits you and stick with it, your readers will recognize your pins when they see them.

There are so many sites out there to give you free stock photos and I’ve signed up for a lot of them, but some are more trouble than they’re worth or they just don’t fit my style.

Top 6 Places for FREE Stock Photos

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, between these 5 sites, there are plenty of stock photos for your site/blog.

1. Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix is hands down the best site for amazing stock photos. I felt like I hit a jackpot after I stumbled onto her page. By signing up to her e-mailing list, you have instant access to 330+ stock photos. Not only that, you get new free ones monthly.

Ivory Mix stock photos are bright with a lot of white space for you to add your text.  I went crazy and downloaded all the photos, but I like the newer photos a lot better because they’re brighter and more white space.


2. She Bold Stock

She Bold Stock has some of the best free stock photos.  By signing up, you get 56 stock photos sent to your mailbox.  Make sure you check your spam folder.  They are Instagram ready-to-use kind of stock photos.

In addition to the free stock photos, there are also paid plans.  The best plan is the $20/month for instant access to 1500 stock photos because you can cancel anytime.


3. Pixabay

Pixabay is another one of my favorite sites for free stock photos. I rarely alter the photos from Pixabay because they don’t have much white space. I just add them directly to my blog posts to give them a little more visual effect.


4. Unsplash

Unsplash was the very first site I found for stock photos when I first started blogging. It is very similar to Pixabay. I typed in “fruits” and below are some of the images that appeared on the very first page of the search.


5. Haute Stock

Haute Stock (previously known as Haute Chocolate) is another one that I really love. By signing up to the mailing list, you get your first 5 free stock photos right away. You also get free photos to your sent to your email monthly.

5. Canva

I love Canva. I make pretty much all of my pins using Canva. I took me months of using Canva before I discovered that Canva has free stock photos in addition to paid ones ($1 each). I mainly use their cute little illustrations to add to my pins.

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