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10 Free Apps That Pay You To Walk

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Did you know that there are apps that pay you to walk and be active?

It’s no secret that being healthy and active is good for us.  We look better, feel better, and can also avoid health problems down the road.  Buuuuut it is a lot easier said than done.

When I first got my Fitbit many moons ago,  I would walk 10,000 steps every day.  Some days, I would even do more than 20,000 steps.

But lately, I haven’t been walking as much as I would like.  Last week, I did only 703 steps on Monday.   Luckily for me, I have found my new motivation.  Apps that pay me to walk!

And guess what?  I just did over 10,000 steps today!

What motivated me to go from 703 to over 10,000 steps in a week?  I placed a bet on myself!  I’ll tell you more about it in a little bit, but let’s first go over the list of best apps that pay you to walk.

10 Free Apps That Pay You To Walk

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is one of the most popular apps that pays you to walk, but it only pays you to walk outside.  This app tracks and verifies outdoor steps using your phone accelerometers and GPS location.  This means treadmills and walking around the house don’t count.

How it works:

You get paid 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 outdoor steps.  You can redeem your Sweatcoins for good, services such as iPhones, Apple watches, Amazon credits, and even cash.

If you’re feeling generous, you can donate your Sweatcoins to your favorite charities.

Sweatcoins also has a daily bonus to give you extra points for logging in the app and complete a simple task.  You can also earn coins for referring your friends.

The rewards on Sweatcoins change daily to give you a lot of options, so make sure you are saving your Sweatcoins for something big.  It does take a while to accumulate enough to redeem anything though.

Sign up for Sweatcoin for free here.


2. LifeCoin 

LifeCoin is very similar to Sweatcoin. You can only earn coins for outdoor steps.  You can earn up to 5 LifeCoins a day as a free user.

If you want to upgrade and pay $3.99/month, you can earn up to 10 LifeCoins a day.  The premium membership will give you access to Azumio premium. which means you will have access to all of their other apps such as Calorie Mama, Fitness Buddy, Sleep Time, Glucose Buddy, etc.

You don’t need to get a premium membership.  I use the free version and it works just fine.

You can redeem your coins for gift cards or products such as Airpods, Beat headphones, etc.   Rewards change constantly and they’re first come first serve.

Sign up for LifeCoin for free here.


3. Runtopia

Runtopia pays you Sport Coins (SPC) for exercising and completing daily tasks such as just logging into the app, introduce yourself to the community, complete your profile, etc. You can redeem your SPC for products, coupons, and PayPal cash.

Runtopia has two sections:  Exercise and Training.

Under exercise:  you can set exercise goals for running, walking, and cycling.  There is also an audio coach that you can play during your workouts.

The app also has a training program to help you get warmed up, stretch, lose weight, train for a marathon, etc.  Some of the features require a premium membership, but you can get away with just using the free version.

The Sport Coins do expire, so make sure to use up your Sport Coins by March 1st every year. 

Sign up for Runtopia for free here.


4. Achievement

Achievement not only pays you to walk, but it also pays you for healthy behaviors such as water intake, exercising, logging in meals, and answering questions about yourself.

This app currently has over 2 million users and has paid out over $500,000 to their users.  It also ranks the top 10 best health tracking app.

Once you earn 10,000 points you can redeem them for $10 PayPal cash.

Sign up for Achievement here.


5. Stepbet

How StepBet Works

StepBet is my favorite so far!  I just signed up for the 6-week step challenge with StepBet and I will write a more in-depth review after I am done.

Here is how it works:

After you sign up for the StepBet app, the system will automatically set how many steps you need to do each day.  You will have 4 active days, 2 power days, and a rest day each week.  For my 4 active days, I need to do 7,402 steps each day and for my 2 power days, I need to do 9,435 steps each day.

After goals are set, you can join a game and pay $40 into the pot.  You will get 100% of your money back after 6 weeks if you have successfully completed your personalized steps each week.

You will also get to split the pot with other winners.

The pot I am in right now currently has over $40,000!  It sounds like a lot but most people do meet their goals and get their money back.  From what I’ve read, you only win $10-$20.

Even though it’s not much, but I don’t want to lose my $40.

It’s a great way to make some extra money and being healthier.  I went from 703 steps last week to 10,000 steps today because of this app!

The first week is a warm-up week, you can cancel and get your money back if you don’t think it’s for you.

Sign up for StepBet here.

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6. Charity Miles

Charity Miles doesn’t pay you to walk, but instead, you get a chance to convert your miles into money for your favorite charities.

It’s almost the same as you signing up for a 5K or a marathon – you’d be running to support a cause.

Charity Miles members have earned over 2.5 million dollars already for their charities just by moving – whether it’s walking, running, or dancing.  As long as you’re moving, it will count.

Sign up for Charity Miles here.


7. Lympo

Lympo is another app that pays you to walk or run, but instead of paying you for steps, it pays you to complete walking or running challenges. 

The app is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in an easier way.  The app has new challenges every single day.  You can complete your challenges anywhere (indoor or outdoor).  

You will get paid once a challenge is completed.  LYM tokens can be redeemed for products or Amazon gift cards.

Sign up for Lympo here.


8. Carrot

Carrot app is different than other apps mentioned above. It gives you your own personalized activity goal, which is based solely on your own activity history.

You earn one yellow Reward Point for each step you take.  If you participate in their Health & Wellness Program, you can also earn one green Goal Coin each day you meet your personal activity goal.

You can use your Carrot Currencies to enter contests or purchase gift cards.

Sign up for Carrot here.


9. PK Rewards

PK Rewards has one of the cutest apps.  The little piggies are so hard at work 🙂

PK Rewards app will pay you as long as you’re moving – whether it’s running, walking, biking, etc.

How it works:

Before each workout, you have to open the app on your phone or Apple Watch and hit “Start Earning”.  The reason for this is because they want to ensure accuracy.

Once you are done with your workout, hit “End” on the app and they’ll calculate your time and effort.  You will earn coins based on your Effort Score.

You can redeem your coins for rewards from brands such as Nike, Amazon, and more.

Sign up for PK Rewards here.


10. HealthyWage

HealthyWage doesn’t pay you to walk, but it allows you to set a weight loss goal and bet on yourself.  You can win up to $10,000.

Healthywage believes that financial incentives provide additional benefits that are critical to success to weight loss.  This is very true – I work a lot harder when my $40 is on the line with StepBet.

There are 2 ways you can approach this:  Individual or Team Challenge.

For the individual weight loss challenge, you can check out the HealthyWage Calculator to see how much money you could potentially win.

But if you prefer to work in a team (team of 5), you can check out the HealthyWageTeam Challenge to learn more about it.

Check out how these women won some serious money losing weight.

***They currently have a promotion going on.  If you sign up by August 12th, they will add $50 extra to your winning prize.  Click here to check out HealthyWage Calculator!

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