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10 Best Babysitting Jobs For Teens To Make Extra Money

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Are you a teenager looking to babysit? Babysitting jobs for teens seem to always be in huge demand and with babysitter apps, finding babysitting jobs are so much easier today. 

Are you an 11, 12, 13, 14, or 18-yr old kid looking to babysit? Yes, babysitting jobs for 13 years old and above is in huge demand like never before.

Childcare has become so expensive that some parents opt to stay at home to take care of their own children.  That’s why there are a lot of new companies in the babysitting industry offering cheaper alternatives.

Babysitting can be fun and rewarding as it teaches you to have patience and people skills (those little ones can be some of the most difficult customers).


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10 Popular Apps To Find Babysitting Jobs For Teens

babysitting jobs for teens

1. SitterCity

Sittercity is one of the top companies to find babysitting jobs in your area just by using your phone. The website has a four-step screening process to best match the babysitters and the parents looking for them.

Once you create a free profile, list all the extra skills you have to increase your marketability (first aid training, newborn care experience, etc).   You will be sorted based on reviews, references, and background checks, etc.

While not a requirement, you can buy a basic background check plan for $15 or an enhanced plan for $60 to increase your profile view.


2. Bambino

Bambino is another popular caregiving community app where babysitters can find job posts online.  Since it is a community, they want you to log in through your social media account like Facebook.  You will also need 1 recommendation to get started, after which your profile will be instantly visible to families in the neighborhood.

Babysitters are grouped into four categories:

  • Junior Sitters for 13-15 years olds
  • Standard Sitters for 15-18 years olds
  • Advanced Sitters for 18 years old and above
  • Elite Sitters for 18 years olds with a background check.

The app will automatically calculate your earning potential to make sure you’re not underpaid for your services since you’re in charge of your own rate.  Other cool features include time tracking and a payment platform.

Your past clients’ recommendations are visible on your profile, which can help you find more future clients in the neighborhood.  As an added bonus, the app allows you to view reviews about your potential clients.


3. Urbansitter

UrbanSitter helps babysitters find jobs without a membership fee, you take 100% of the money earned after the job is done.  According to their website, top sitters earn over $1000 a week while setting their own schedule.  Sitters, as well as the parents, would need to verify their identity to keep the community safe for everybody involved.

As a babysitter, you will feature in the search results based on location, rate, experience, CPR training, and availability. The application process is easy, although there is a thorough background verification for each applicant.

The app also has a unique badge system to reward sitters with positive reviews.  It gives you more visibility and allows you to ask for a higher rate.


4. SeekingSitters

SeekingSitters is a very trusted company that requires a thorough background check done by the company.  You will also require CPR and first aid training and extensive experience in taking care of children is preferred.

Once you pass the background check, your profile will get matched to the right families.  This will reduce the time you have to spend looking through families to find the right job.  Each sitter is required to wear a SeekingSitter shirt for easy identification and to make the client feel safe.


5. Sitter

With more than 21 million users, Sitter has opportunities for teenagers, seasoned live-in nannies, in-home daycare providers, and many more.  Sitter offers a free background check along with CPR training.

After creating your free profile, you have an option to go premium where your profile will get more exposure.  It is one of the few sites where you can create your own private network based on the recommendations of your friends and previous clients.  You also have an option to add your current clients to the platform.

The app has some nice features such as a time tracker and calculator that automatically calculates your earning after each session.


6. Babysits

Babysits has one of the most user-friendly platforms with over 1.2 million members worldwide.  It is free to sign up and the site does not take any commission from the earnings of their sitters.

To join, you need to be at least 18 years old.  Instead of recommendations, the site uses a unique badge system to show achievements and credentials.  The badge system ranks the babysitters depending on the reviews they get from the parents.


7. Bubble

Bubble is one of the very few apps that rely heavily on recommendations.  Bubble’s core principle is that parents want to book the babysitters that their friends and community know, use, and trust.  So, they only suggest a particular babysitter to a parent if that sitter is suggested by friends or parents in the community.

It is completely free to join and only takes a few minutes.  However, the background and identity verification process might take a bit longer to approve.  Once approved, you can ask other members to vouch for you.  Or, you can invite other local sitter friends to the app and vouch for you.

Similar to other apps on this list, the company is the one that finds the job for you.  You can also read reviews about the parents from other sitters before you take the job.  Additionally, there is a £1m public liability insurance available for each sitter for unexpected events.


8. HelpR

Helpr is one of the rare babysitting platforms that offer cancel protection for their sitters.  The screening process can be rigorous as they are known for focusing on high-quality childcare.

To apply, you need to have 2 years of professional childcare experience, references, pass a background check, CPR certified, or willingness to become certified.  But the good thing is that it’s just a one-time screening process.

Their locations are limited to mainly big cities like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Franciso, New York, Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, Seattle, and Chicago.  Helpr provides online help support 24/7.


9. Care.com

Care.com is the largest community for caregivers that offers babysitting, nannying, tutoring, pet sitting, housekeeping, and senior care jobs from more than 20 different countries.

The application process is fairly simple, but you do need to pass the background check before you can start working.  Having good reviews from parents is a good way to increase your visibility in search engines for more job opportunities.


10. Curated Care

Curated Care connects artists & teachers with families for activity-based babysitting.  If you know how to paint, play musical instruments, and can speak multiple languages, then Curated Care is a great place to start.

The sitters are called “Kid Experts” with special skills to add some value to a child’s learning or creative abilities.  Your rate is also higher than other babysitting apps.


The Best Babysitting Jobs Can be Rewarding

With all the apps available, it is so much easier to find babysitting jobs for teens.  Babysitting can be fun and rewarding if you love making extra money and kids.  With so many babysitting apps, finding the right babysitting gig is only a few clicks away.  While it is not mandatory, it would be a great idea to get CPR training to increase your marketability.  This is a great side hustle for teenagers or even adults needing to make extra money on the side. 

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