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10 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home For Beginners

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If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money while working from home, then data entry jobs are the easiest way to do it.

Data entry jobs from home are both time and location independence.  As long as the project gets done within the allotted timeframe, it doesn’t matter when you work.

No certification or a degree is needed to do data entry work, as long as you can type fast and accurately.

How Much Can You Make Doing Data Entry?

According to Indeed, the average hourly rate for an independent data entry contractor is $17.50 per hour, but experienced workers can make $20+ per hour.

The pay for data entry jobs might not be as high as other freelance jobs since data entry jobs require zero to little education or skills.

Data entry is not a bad gig considering the flexibility and you can just mindlessly work while listening to your favorite music.

But if you need higher-paying work-from-home jobs, check out these other ways to work from home:


Best Beginner Level Data Entry Jobs From Home

1. Fiverr

data entry jobs from home

Fiverr is a great marketplace for beginners looking for data entry jobs.  I have used Fiverr many times over the years and have never had a bad experience.

How To Get Started On Fiverr:

  • Sign up for a free account by filling out your personal information
  • Choose a service you want to offer – data entry services in this case
  • Set a price – standard price is $5 per gig but you can charge anywhere between $5 to $10,000 per gig
  • Set turnaround time – standard is 3 business days but you can charge more for a 1-day delivery
  • Publish your data entry jobs and wait for clients to request work.


2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a reputable popular job site for independent contractors looking for remote and flexible freelance jobs.

In addition to data entry jobs, they also have other jobs in other fields such as transcription, proofreading, virtual assistance, voiceover, etc.

There is a small fee to use their service and it’s well worth it since every job listed is screened and vetted by real a person, so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through scams or low-paying jobs.

You can cancel anytime.  If you find the job you want after a few days, you can cancel it right away.

data entry jobs from homeThe subscription will give you access to:

  • Unlimited access to every job
  • Free skills testing to clearly establish and market your skills to employers
  • Expert job search tips, resources, and offers
  • An easy, quick profile process that enables you to be found by hiring employers
  • Email alerts when new jobs are posted.
  • A personalized portfolio where you can upload resumes and work samples so you make a great impression on employers


3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the oldest and most popular freelance marketplaces that connects employers with independent workers from all over the world.

Once you sign up and complete your profile, Upwork will highlight the best jobs for your skill sets and you can also manually search for other jobs such as work-at-home data entry.


4. MicroWorkers

Microworkers is an online marketplace that offers a variety of “micro-jobs” such as data entry, transcription, translation, image tagging, data mining and extraction, and research studies among others.

Each task will display a set of instructions, the time to complete it, and the amount you will earn for finishing the job.

If you believe you can finish the task, click on “I accept this job” to accept this job or click on “Not interested in this job” if you do not wish to perform the job.

Payment for completed jobs is sent out twice a week and goes directly to your PayPal account once you hit a $10 minimum payout threshold.


5. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is most widely known as a transcription company, but they also have online data entry jobs available as well.  If you’re down to do both, you should give this place a try.

Every Friday, they ask you to send them an email with your availability and they will send you new work based on what you send them.  There is contact information on their page for you to email to discuss project needs and rates.


6. Clickworker

Clickworker has more than 3.6 million workers based in 136 countries worldwide performing online micro-tasks such as data entry, proofreading, surveys, market research, and more).

It is free to join and once you sign up, fill out your profile and complete short assignments to demonstrate your abilities. The better you perform the more jobs will be available to you.

You are paid either via PayPal (weekly) or by direct deposit to your bank account (monthly).


7. Sigtrack

data entry jobs from home

Sigtrack hires U.S. based independent contractors to handle voter registration documents.

The work isn’t all year round as it is based on the petition season, making this a good option if you are only interested in seasonal work.

Once hired, you are free to work whenever and wherever as long as you are in the U.S. and not in California or Massachusetts.  You can also choose which jobs to work on, regardless of any priority or deadline.

Sigtrack data entry job requirements:

  • Be a U.S. resident (but cannot reside in California or Massachusetts)
  • Must have a PayPal account to receive payment
  • A computer with Windows 10 or 11, or macOS 10.14 or higher (dual monitor not required but highly recommended)
  • Take a 3-5 second video of your driver’s license or state ID next to your face

Pay is per work unit based on accuracy.  After your first 1,000 units, you must maintain a minimum of 95% average accuracy to keep your account active.

Accuracy is determined by peer review.  Each user will qualify to peer review work once 10,000 tags are recorded at 98% accuracy.


8. Capital Typing

data entry jobs from home

Capital Typing is an outsourcing company that offers remote entry-level positions where contractors are hired are independent workers to do data entry, as well as transcription, translation, and virtual assistant jobs.

Check out their “Jobs” section where you will find the current positions available.

Transcription jobs are great work-at-home data entry jobs where you convert audio files into text.  Check out Transcribe Anywhere’s FREE mini-course to get started with transcription!


9. Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services is a data entry company that pays per project (not per hour).

You will be evaluated on accuracy, attention to detail, and productivity.  Compensation is a flat rate per project and the more skilled and efficient you are, the more you will earn.


  • U.S. resident
  • 2-3 years of data entry experience and type at least 50 words per minute with no errors.
  • Computer with high-speed internet


10. Work for Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)Amazon work from home job is an online marketplace with micro-jobs for freelancers.

These small tasks can be anything from data entry, transcribing audio, writing articles, taking surveys, or removing duplicate content from business listings.

MTurk features thousands of available tasks daily and you can choose the tasks you want to do that fit your skills and interests.

The money you make depends on the tasks, with most tasks paying less than $10.  You won’t get paid a lot of money doing these tasks, but it also doesn’t require a lot of commitment from you either.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that a requester (the owner of the task) can reject your work.  If your work is rejected, you won’t get paid!


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Skills Required For Online Data Entry Jobs

data entry jobs from home

1. Basic Computer Skills

You don’t need to be a computer genius to do data entry jobs from home, but you do need to have some basic computer skills to be able to open any documents sent to you.

The documents might come in different formats but most companies organize their data in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.

Learning all the quick combination keys for shortcuts will save you time such as:

  • CRT + C to copy
  • CRT + V to paste.


2. Typing Skills

You don’t need to type 100 words per minute to do data entry jobs from home, but most companies do require a minimum of 40 words per minute with great accuracy.

Being able to type fast is a good skill to have for other freelance jobs as well since you are paid by the amount of work done and not by hours worked.

If you need to practice typing, you can use websites like Typing.com or TypingTest.com to see how fast you can type and how accurate you are.


3. Attention To Details & Organization Skills

For you to be efficient at data entry jobs online, you need to pay attention to details and be well organized.

Data entry is about transferring large volumes of data from one location to another repeatedly over periods of time.

The work can be repetitive and if you’re not very detail-oriented, this might cause more work for you just to fix the mistakes.


4. Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well with others will make your work a lot easier whether it’s data entry or other work-from-home jobs.

This skill is not as important as the rest but is still useful when you have to coordinate and communicate with other people assigned to the same project.

Being able to send and receive communication accurately will make your work easier. You might have to communicate via email or phone regarding your progress, time frame, or the requirement for additional documents.


Equipment You Will Need For Data Entry Jobs

You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started working from home doing data entry, most things you should already have.

But if you end up needing to buy things for your freelance work, make sure to keep all receipts for tax deductions.

Equipment you will need for data entry jobs:

  • A computer with high-speed internet
  • Access to common computer applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.
  • Dual monitors – not a requirement, but it helps with transferring documents
  • Comfortable chair – you need a comfortable chair while working long hours to prevent fatigue and increase productivity
  • Height adjustable standing desk – not needed when first starting out, but it is a good investment if you plan to work in front of the computer for hours every day


How To Avoid Scam While Searching For Data Entry Jobs

1. Get Rich Quick Scheme

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Simple as that!

It takes hard work and dedication to make money whether it’s online or offline.  Entry-level data entry jobs aren’t supposed to be high in pay, so if you see a job offer with an unrealistically high pay rate, it most likely is a scam.


2. Unnecessary Training Program

There will be some job offers that ask you to pay a fee upfront for a training program with the promise that you will get reimbursed later once you’re done with training, this is a big no-no.

You will NEVER have to pay upfront for any training program.  If any training is required, it should be provided by the company at no cost to you.


3. Pay To Get Data Entry Jobs

You may come across some companies asking you to pay a registration fee before getting hired.  They might tell you that the fee is used for a background check, processing your application, or a number of reasons.

This might sound reasonable, but a legitimate company should never ask you to pay for anything.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is.  Stay away from it!


4. No Contact Information

When searching for work-from-home data entry jobs, make sure you do a quick Google search to see if there are any scams being reported.

Just type in Google search engine “company name” + scam to see if there are any reports of scams.

If a website has no contact information such as a phone number or email address, be wary of it.  Even if it has a phone number or email address, make sure to check if the number is even legit.

It is very easy to create a fake phone number.  When you call a company, there should be a recording instead of just someone picking up and saying hello without any introduction.


Other Work At Home Jobs

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