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Feetify Review 2024: Is Feetify Legit Or A Waste Of Time?

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Selling feet pics online is a great way to make some extra income, but if you’re not careful, you could be out of money before making anything, or worse, get scammed.  In this Feetify review, I will cover everything from getting started on the website to the pros and cons to see if it is even worth your time.

In this article, you will also find seller reviews from Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora.  If you haven’t decided on Feetify, hopefully this Feetify review will help you with that.

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What is Feetify?

how to sell feet pics online
Image by gpointstudio on Freepik

Feetify is a website where you can buy and sell feet pictures and videos.  It acts like a social platform where potential buyers pay to connect, chat, and buy your feet pics or videos.

With over 250,000+ active members, Feetify’s popularity is rapidly increasing.

Signing up is free and it claims you can make up to $100 per photo.  What sets Feetify apart from its rival websites is that you can keep 100% of your earnings when you become a premium seller. 

As an active member, Feetify also pays you for your pictures even if you don’t make any sales on your own.

So far so good, but if you get to keep everything, then how can Feetify make money? 

Well…you do need a Premium membership account in order to make any real money, which costs sellers $49 for a 12-month subscription, with the possibility of an extension for another 12 months for free if you’re active and post quality pictures on the site.


Who Can Sell Feet Pics On Feetify?

As long as you are at least 18 years old and have feet pictures, then you’re ready to make money on Feetify.

However, Feetify does not require you to take a picture of your ID like FeetFinder in order to verify your age.  You just need to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.


How Does Feetify Work?

The process seems easy enough.  Feetify does have some rules you should follow to avoid getting deleted and/or banned.

Rules For Selling On Feetify

  1. Must be at least 18 years old or older to create an account
  2. Only post your own photos and videos that you own, as opposed to images downloaded from the internet
  3. Ensure your content is of high quality.  Avoid blurred images with excessive watermarks
  4. Do not bombard or harass buyers and other members with messages
  5. Never post repulsive photos or videos
  6. Never post photos or videos of minors


How To Sell Feet Pics On Feetify?

how to sell feet pics online

1. Feetify Sign-Up Process

Visit Feetify and click on “Register” to sign up at no cost.  Fill out all the necessary information and confirm whether you are at least 18 years old.

Upon completion, check your inbox for a confirmation link.  Click on the link and confirm your account by submitting your username and password.

2. Upload Your Feet Pics

Upload high-quality pictures in order to attract potential buyers to your account.

To post your pictures or videos, click on either the “Media” or “Photos” links on your profile.  Create an album and upload your content.  You can only upload feet pictures using the photo link, while the “Media” link will allow you to upload both pictures and videos of your feet.

3. Connect With Buyers

Feetify allows you to initiate contact with buyers via Feetify’s in-app messaging system if you upgrade to premium.  You can message potential buyers to promote your pictures, but it is frowned upon to bombard them with messages.


How Much Can You Make On Feetify?

There is no set amount that you can make per month.  How much you make depends on how active you are on the site, the price you set for the photos and videos, and most importantly, how many clients you have.

As a seller, you need to be active and keep posting high-quality pictures and videos to attract more buyers.

You can start selling feet pictures on Feetify starting from as low as $5 per image and increase your rates as your client list grows. It’s best to see what other sellers set their prices and price them as competitively.

Additionally, premium sellers also get to keep 100% of their earnings and are able to receive cash gifts from buyers.


Feetify Cash Awards

Feetify claims to give a total of $1,000 to $10,000 per month in cash rewards to their most active premium sellers who post great quality pictures and/or videos. 

Each cash award per model starts at $4, $10, $20, $50, and even $100+ per model, depending on the quality of the pictures/photos.

This is their way of encouraging active premium sellers for posting high-quality pictures and/or videos, whether you can make any sales.


How Much Is Feetify Premium?

To upgrade to a premium account, the cost is $49 for 12 months with a possibility of a 12-month free extension if you follow the rules and are active on the site.

Also, as a premium seller, you will also be eligible to earn monthly CASH REWARDS, as long as you stay active and post high-quality pictures on Feetify.

Another benefit of a premium seller is that you get to keep 100% of your earnings and be able to receive cash tip from buyers.


How To Upgrade To Premium?

To make sure that its members’ personal information remained private, Feetify accepts payments through cryptocurrency using CashApp or Coinbase.

Paying through CashApp or Coinbase will ensure that no one will know your real name or any personal information, even Feetify.

If you have a Cash App account, this short 5-min video below will explain how you can use it to pay:

If you don’t have a Coinbase account and want to use it to pay, simply create an account and click on the instructional video on Feetify on how to deposit money and pay.

NOTE: It might take 12 to 24 hours before you can fully access the premium account. 


Is Feetify Premium Worth it?

With other platforms, you only get to keep no more than 80% of your earnings.  Feetify allows you to keep all 100% of your earnings if you upgrade to be a premium seller.

The $49 can give you premium access for 12 months with a possibility of a 12-month extension for free.  Additionally, Feetify also claims to pay the most active sellers just for posting high-quality pictures on the site.

However, there is no information on how much of a cut Feetify would take if you decided not to upgrade to a premium account.

Other Benefits of a Feetify Premium Membership include:

  • Posting an unlimited number of feet pics and videos
  • All buyers can view your profile
  • You can connect with buyers directly
  • You can receive and reply to all buyers
  • You can receive cash tips from buyers
  • Your profile gets featured on the Feetify live feed page
  • Feetify may feature your profile on Feetify ads on other big sites


Pros & Cons Of Feetify

Pros of Feetify

  • Free to join
  • Available globally
  • Cash awards for active premium sellers
  • Can connect and chat with potential buyers
  • Can remain anonymous
  • Sellers can receive cash tips and keep 100% of earnings (with Premium membership)

Cons of Feetify

  • Costs $49 to upgrade to a premium membership
  • No contact details on the website
  • No social media presence
  • No Privacy Policy on the website


Feetify Seller Reviews

feetify seller reviewsFeetify Trustpilot Reviews

Currently, Feetify has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, with many positive reviews from sellers.  Below are some positive reviews of new sellers able to make sales within days of signing up.

Feetify Seller Positive Reviews Trustpilot

And below are some negative reviews on Trustpilot from sellers.  At the time of writing this article, there are 19 1-star reviews out of 282 reviews on Trustpilot. 

The number of positive reviews far outweighs the negative reviews, however, what I find alarming with these negative reviews is that they all claim Feetify just wants their $49 premium membership money.

According to some of these negative reviews, your regular account is very restricted and you have no choice but to upgrade to a premium account.  That makes it pointless for Feetify to claim that it is free to join and upload photos.

Feetify Seller Negative Review Trustpilot

Feetify Reddit Reviews

Feetify Reddit ReviewAnother review on Reddit also complains about the premium account.  You can check out the sub Reddit reviews on Feetify to see what other users are saying. 

Feetify Quora Reviews

There is not much on Quora, but I did find something interesting.  This person did point out that Feetify appears to be legit, but the registrant details are hidden – which is not a great sign. 

Feetify Quora Review


Feetify Review: Is Feetify Safe?

According to Google Safe Browsing, there is no unsafe content found.  This tool allows you to check whether it hosts any malware or if the site is safe for browsing.

However, you can never be too safe on the internet and should always safeguard your personal information.  My rule of thumb is if it feels wrong, trust your instincts.  

is feetify safe


Feetify Review: Is Feetify Legit?

While I do have some concerns, Feetify appears to be legit with over 250,000+ active members and a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot.  The 4.6/5 rating comes from 282 reviews and only 19 of them are 1-start reviews. 


Feetify Review: Is Feetify A Scam?

There is no information on Better Business Bureau (BBB) to indicate Feetify is a scam.  Most of the reviews on Trustpilot are positive, though I would feel better if they had more reviews like FeetFinder.


Feetify Review – FAQs

1. Is Feetify Free?

Yes, Feetify is not only free to join, but it’s also free to post some pictures and videos.  If you are active on the site, you also get added to the “active members” page – all for free.

But based on some of the reviews, there is not much you can do with the free account and a premium account costs $49 for every 12 months.  The premium membership allows you to communicate directly with buyers, receive cash tips, and earn money from the CASH REWARDS program even if no one buys your feet pics.

2. Does Feetify Have An App?

No, Feetify does not have an app on either iOS or Android. Selling feet pics online is considered a “fetish” and it is not allowed on either app store. 

3. Can a guy sell feet pics?

Unlike Instafeet, there is no restriction on who can sell feet pics on Feetify as long as you’re at least 18 years old.

4. How Does Feetify Pay Its Sellers?

I cannot find this information anywhere on Feetify website, but some claims that Feetify gives you the option to receive payments via cryptocurrency wallet to protect your privacy,  and there is also an option to get paid via PayPal. 


Feetify Alternatives To Sell Feet Pics


Feetify Review Final Thoughts- Is Feetify Worth it?

I am a little iffy about Feetify.  I have listed all the facts I could find on Feetify and here are my 2 cents:

While Feetify claims to be free to join, it seems you can’t really do much with a free account.  And in order to upgrade to a premium account, you need to pay through cryptocurrency using either CashApp or Coinbase. 

Feetify claims this is to protect your identity since no one will know who you are, but there are actually a lot of crypto scams out there.  The problem with this is once your crypto (money) leaves your account – it’s gone. 

This is directly from Coinbase: “Due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency protocols, transactions can’t be canceled or reversed once initiated.

There are more positive than negative reviews on Trustpilot for Feetify, and it’s normal for a business to have negative reviews.  However, all the negative reviews have the same complaint, claiming Feetify only wants their $49 premium membership.

Another big concern for me would be their lack of contact information, no social media presence, and no privacy policy on their website.  I would consider Feetify once they have more reviews on Trustpilot and offer another form of paying instead of just crypto.

Have you tried Feetify?  Hopefully, this Feetify review has answered all of your possible questions. 

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