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Get Paid To Sext [2024 Guide] – Make $500/Week

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get paid to sextGet paid to sext?  Now that’s a side hustle you don’t hear every day.

Not too long ago, I learned from a friend of a friend that you can make a good living sexting with people online.

While I don’t know exactly how much she makes or what company she works for, she did mention that she makes $1 – $2 per minute (and since she lives in Los Angeles, her rent can’t be less than $2000/month), so I’d have to assume she makes decent money.  Sexting is her one and only job.

Her conversation with one of her clients seemed almost too normal.  It was “hi how was your day” kind of normal.

Sexting or adult chat job is nothing like traditional phone sex or cam sex.  Sexting is a lot milder since all you have to do is talk and flirt in a controlled environment.

Needless to say, I was intrigued.  I always thought sexting for money required you to use your webcam and do other questionable things.

Are you intrigued?  Want to learn how to get paid to sext?  Here is what you need to know if you want to get paid to sext:



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Can You Really Get Paid To Sext?

get paid to sextThe world is full of interesting people and there is a market for everything.  There is even a market for you to sell feet pics or used underwear online.

Yes, you can get paid to chat with men on the phone and some people even earn a full-time income doing so.

We live in a world with high tech where everything is moving so fast, people are feeling more and more lonely with no real human interaction or anyone to talk to.

Lots of people are more than happy to pay someone to chat, flirt, and give them some company without any obligation to meet up or even talk on the phone.


Who Can Get Paid To Sext?

Anyone since you’re not talking on the phone or sharing pictures, you really have no idea who you’re texting with.

As long as you are at least 18 years old, you can apply.  Some companies and services do require you to be at least 21 and sometimes even 25.  For verification, you need to send in a screenshot of your Driver’s license or passport, and the photo must be clear.

That being said, in order to be successful, you need to be good at sexting.  Nobody is going to pay you to bore them to death.  Being flirty, friendly, and a good listener would make you successful at this side hustle.


Why Would Someone Pay For Sexting?

There are many reasons why someone would pay you for sexting.

The people who are looking to make a connection via texting may surprise you.  Sure, there are creeps.  But there are also a lot of shy people out there that might feel lonely and unwanted.  They might be afraid of rejection and at least this way, they know someone will talk to them.

Some people might just use these sites for a fun connection with someone or to fill an emotional void.  Everybody has a story and you get paid to listen to theirs.

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How Much Money Can You Get Paid To Sext?

This depends on a lot of factors but on average, you can earn between $0.10 – $0.15 per minute for text messages and $.40 – $.50 per minute for video chats.

As an experienced sexter, you can expect to earn more than $1,000 a week and there is potential to earn more.  This particular phone sex operator charges $1.99 per minute and brings in over $250k per year working just three nights per week in her car.


Things To Consider Before Making Money Sexting

You can never be too careful when it comes to the internet, especially when your job is to get paid to sext.

1. Stick To Reputable Websites

While reputable websites can be a great platform for you to make money sexting, there are also many scams and low-quality websites.

If a site asks you to pay upfront to work for them, exit the site immediately!  One of the biggest scams about online work is that they ask you to pay upfront for equipment costs (headset, phone, etc) and administrative or startup fees.

Additionally, check out the website’s privacy policy to see how they protect your personal information or to see if there is even one.

2. Protect Your Privacy

You can never be too careful when it comes to the internet.  Although most sites do take measures to protect your information, it is still up to you to make sure it is protected.

  • Do not use your real phone number.  You can get a free phone number using Google Voice.  Or use third-party texting apps such as TextPlus, WhatsApp, Line, etc.
  • Do not send your pictures or videos if you want to remain anonymous.
  • Never share your personal information such as your address (or even something as vague as the State you live in), occupation, or real name.  You would be surprised at how easy it is to find someone’s address and phone number from even basic info.
  • Don’t accept wire transfers and be aware of people wanting to move off the platform right away.  The company’s platform is your safest bet.

3. Check For Secure Sites

This is important because if the site is not secure, it means whatever information you disclose to the site is not safe or secure either.

This blog is secure and this is how you can check.  There is a padlock next to the URL (web address) and if you hover or click on it, it will say “secure connection”.

This also applies when you’re shopping online.  Before you enter your credit card information, make sure the site is secure.

4. Keeps Things Separate

Keep everything separate to protect your identity.  For example, before you start to sign up to sext, you should create a separate email address that is not linked to your phone number or your contact list.

As for payment, you always want to use the payment method that your platform uses.  Alternatively, you can also use PayPal or another app payment that is not linked directly to your bank.


Top Free Flirting Apps To Make Money Sexting

Here comes the good part.  There is definitely no shortage of work if you’re a woman.  Here are a few legitimate ones to get you started:

1. Phrendly

Phrendly is a community that allows you to browse for potential people to chat with via phone app or laptop.  They have a response rate of 93%.  I wrote an in-depth article about Phrendly if you want to learn more about it.

You earn cash when someone messages you first.  The users can also send you virtual drinks with monetary value.  Let’s say the drink is $10, then you get to keep $10.  How cool is that?

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2. ChatRecruit

ChatRecruit is an online chat service that allows you to chat via text or phone.  You must be 18 to apply and must have a bank account in order to get paid.  Rate varies but you can expect to make $2/minute and it could even be higher for webcam services.  You can choose to offer group, private, and exclusive chats and you get paid for every minute you work.

3. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is one of the most popular chat websites that pays you to chat mainly because you’re in full control and it’s fairly PG13.  You must be at least 18 years old, fluent in English, able to type fast, and a fun personality.   You can chat with multiple people at the same time and can stop the conversation at any time you’re feeling uncomfortable.

The site pays twice a month via PayPal and your rate depends on how long you’ve been with the company.  After 6+ months with the company, you can expect to make 15 cents per minute for text chat or 50 cents per min for video chat.

get paid to sext, chat with FlirtBucks

4. Text121Chat

Text121Chat is a phone sex provider that offers a variety of services via text and phone calls.  The company also offers a more PG13 option for users who prefer something mild.

They don’t accept anyone and you must go through their online training to learn how to use their system.  While you don’t have a set schedule, you are expected to commit at least 1000 texts per month or your account will be terminated.

You need to be 18 years old to apply.  Bilingual operators are preferred, although not required.

5. Lip Service

Lip Service is a staffing agency where you can start an online chat business and get clients through the service.  While you get paid to text, their main focus is phone chat.  If you apply for the phone chat service, someone will contact you to make sure that you have a nice speaking voice. 

Rate depends on projects and clients, and you will receive specific pay information when you’re matched with a client. Must be at least 18 to apply, but some positions do require you to be over 21.

6. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund caters to people looking for a virtual relationship or internet girlfriend.  These guys might be too busy to date, travel for work, or just recently got out of a long-term relationship.  Although you will get to know them more on a deeper level, it is still prohibited for you to reveal your personal information.

MyGirlFund is like GoFundMe where girls can also set up a profile for themselves to raise money for something they need such as student loans, a mortgage, a new car, etc.  There is no limit to what you can ask.  The site claims that its users can make about $40,000 per year.

7. Arousr

Arousr is an adult chat website (not for the faint of heart) that allows you to make money by sexting, having phone sex, and video chatting.  You will receive messages from different people after signing up.  The first 10 messages of each chat are free and you can switch to premium mode after that.  The pay rates are 15 cents per text message, 50 cents per minute for voice calls, and 40% of the cut for video chatting.

Another way you can make money is by uploading videos and pictures to sell to your viewers.  They can only view them after they make a purchase.  If your customers like you, they can also pay you through tips.

8. ChatOperatorJobs

CharOperatorJobs requires you to be at least 25 years old, have good grammar, a PayPal account, and must answer a minimum of 75 text messages per week.  You get paid weekly via PayPal and the rate is $0.20 per text message.

9. TexKings

TexKings requires you to type at least 25 words per minute.   You are paid anywhere between 7 to 10 euro cents per message answered with bonuses available depending on your performance.  Their text chat operators earn between 100-500 euros per month (roughly $110 to $550 per month).  You’re paid either weekly or monthly, depending on the project.

10. Dream Lover

Dream Lover is one of the several websites where you can make money chatting in a sexy way with adults.  They primarily hire female models from all over the world to share photos and chat with men.

You earn money not just for chatting services but also for the photos that you share with your chat buddies. The more photos you post, the more you will make.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply and you get paid twice per month via direct deposit.


Get Paid To Sext – Final Thoughts

There you have it – how to get paid to sext.  Remember to never share your personal information and always check for the padlock sign next to the URL web address to make sure the site is secure.

There are many ways to make money online and sexting (chatting and flirting) is a great way to make some extra money on the side.  Have you tried to make money sexting?  Let me know in the comment below if you have any experience with any of these sites and what you think of them.