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32 Best Sites To Get Paid To Type [Up To $50/HR]

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If you have a laptop or a desktop and a comfortable working space, you’re ready to get paid to type!

Wouldn’t it be great if we can get paid to do what we already do?  Between my phone and my laptop, I average about 14 hours a day between the two devices.  Crazy right?

If you’re like me and spend countless hours on your electronic devices, you might as well put your fast typing skills to work and get paid for typing online!

I have divided the typing jobs into different categories with details for each one. Are you ready to type and get paid?

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How Much Can I Get Paid To Type?

According to ZipRecruiter, an average typist makes $19 per hour.  In addition to an hourly wage, typists are also paid per word or per piece.

However, the answer is not as simple as we would like.  The salary is determined by location, education level, and years of experience, and what kind of typing job.

For most typing jobs, you don’t need any special education to get started.

If you’re just getting started, don’t expect to make a ton of money right away.  But with experience and fast typing skills, you can demand for more.


What Kind Of Typing Jobs Are There?

get paid to type

There are all kinds of jobs where you can get paid to type at home.

Transcription is probably the most popular way to get paid to type.  Being a transcriptionist, you get paid to type what you hear from audio files.  You can try the FREE mini-course from Transcribe Anywhere to have a basic understanding of what it takes to be a transcriptionist.

Freelance Writing is another way for you to get paid to type if you have strong writing skills.  As a freelance writer, you will get paid to write articles, blog posts, web content, etc.  You can check out the Free Earn More Writing Course to learn how Holly was able to make $200k+ per year freelance writing!

Data Entry is an easy way to get paid to type without needing certification or a degree, as long as you can type fast and accurately.  It is especially useful if you have Microsoft Office experience.


What Equipment is Needed For a Typing Job?

You don’t need much to get started and might already have these things around the house.  These things include:

  • Computer – Any laptop or desktop computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection would be sufficient for most typing jobs.
  • Headphone – You need a good headphone to listen to audio files.  If you prefer earbuds, here are some cheap earbuds designed for transcription.
  • Foot Pedal – While not a requirement, the foot pedal allows you to play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind with your feet.  It can be used to improve your transcribing speed.
  • Workspace – A quiet workspace and a comfortable chair are essential for you to do your job effectively.

A word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs is also needed.  Other programs may be needed depending on the specific job requirements.


Get Paid To Type Audio Files

captcha typing jobs daily payment
Source: Image by drobotdean on Freepik

1. CastingWords

CastingWords hires independent contractors to transcribe and edit projects to match the company’s quality criteria.

The pay is between 8.5 cents – $1+ per audio minute via PayPal. Your work is rated on a scale from 0 to 9.  If it is rated below a 4, you won’t get paid as it doesn’t meet their standards.  The scale goes up and with each grade having its own pay scale.

You must have a good typing speed with great accuracy to pass the selection procedure.


2. TranscribeMe

Earning Potential: $15 – $22 per audio hour.  Payment is made via PayPal.

TranscribeMe is one of the largest transcription companies where you can get paid to type audio files.  Most audio files are one to two-minute segments, so you can work as much or as little as you want.

In order to work for TranscribeMe, you first need to pass a short transcription test.  You will have access to the company’s style guide to look over before you attempt the test.

You will have 2 chances to take pass the test and if you don’t pass, there is a 30-day waiting period before you may attempt again.


3. Rev

Earning Potential: $0.3 to $1.1 per audio minute or ($18 – $66 per hour).  Payment is made weekly via PayPal.

Rev is an online marketplace with over 72,000 freelancers working from home and servicing over 750k+ global customers including Google, Amazon, CBS, and so on.

It claims to be the #1 speech-to-text service in the world where you get paid to type what you hear.  Your job is to listen to an audio or video and then enter what is being spoken.

Rev currently offers a base rate of $0.3 per audio minute to its freelance transcribers and can go up as high as $1.1 per minute for experienced transcribers.

If you’re fluent in one of the 15 languages listed on their page, you can earn up to $3 per audio or video minute.


4. AccuTran Global

Earning Potential: Up to $75 per hour

Established in 2002, Accutran Global hires State Board Level CART/Captioner certified freelance contractors to transcribe conference calls.

The work is simple – all you need is a stable internet connection, Windows 10, good-quality headphones, and voice-writing software. The hours are flexible and you can transcribe calls from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

You should be able to type at least 60 WPM to be eligible to work for Accutran.  In addition to transcription projects, you can also opt for editing services.


5. Babbletype

Earning Potential: $0.40 per audio minute or $24 per hour.  Payments are made via direct deposit or PayPal.

In order to work for Babbletype, you will have to go through three steps.  You must first take and pass a transcription test, followed by a phone interview, and then go through another assessment.

Once hired, you must also be available to transcribe one hour of audio files at least four days a week.  That works out to be a minimum of $96 per week.


6. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Earning Potential: earn around $5-$7+ an hour

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)Amazon work from home job is an online marketplace that provides thousands of HIT or human intelligence tasks to freelancers.

These small tasks can be anything from transcribing audio, writing articles, evaluating images/videos, taking surveys, or removing duplicate content from business listings.

MTurk features thousands of available tasks daily and you can choose the tasks you want to do that fit your skills and interests.

Although the pay rate is quite low, you can get almost an endless supply of available transcription projects. In addition to PayPal, you can also withdraw your money through direct deposit.


7. CyberDictate

Earning Potential:  The pay rate is not listed on their website.

CyberDictate specializes in legal transcription services and your job is to convert audio legal files into written documents.

The company has a strict hiring process.  In order to apply, you need to have at least 3 years of legal experience, permanent US resident, proof of residency, typing speed of at least 85wpm, and must also be available during regular business hours.


8. Daily Transcription

Earning Potential: $0.75 per audio minute

You can get paid to type from home with Daily Transcription by listening to audio and video recordings from the academic, legal, and entertainment industries and transcribing them.

In contrast to other companies, Daily Transcription does not require you to have prior transcription experience.

To get started, you will need to take a transcription test in your area of expertise.  Also, you can earn more if you have expertise in other languages such as Mandarin or Japanese.


9. Clickworker

Earning Potential:  Per task (roughly $12-$15 per hour)

Similar to Amazon mTurk, Clickworker is another site with thousands of available typing micro-tasks such as transcription, data entry, and copy editing.

You are considered an independent contractor when you work for Clickworker and need to fill out a W-9 form, provide your name and social security number.

It is worth noting that Clickwroker is a great place to earn extra cash by doing micro-tasks, but you can’t rely on it for full-time employment.


10. Microworkers

Earning Potential:  ~$10 per hour

Similar to Clickworker and Amazon mTurk, Microworkers is another platform for you to earn extra money doing microtasks.  There are many other tasks you can try in addition to transcription projects.

After you create a free account, you will receive a pin to your phone number to validate your phone number before you can begin working.  You can bid on the available projects on the platform and once the client accepts your proposal, you can then communicate with them directly through the platform.


11. Scribie

Earning Potential:  $5 – $25 per audio hour

Scribie is another transcription company that offers a flexible work-at-home schedule.  The company provides an automatic transcript, which will help you get most of your work done automatically.

You can also earn extra money with a monthly bonus of $5 for every three hours worked each month.


12. OneSpace

Earning Potential:  Depends on the project

OneSpace mainly offers freelance transcribing jobs to bilinguals, especially if you are influent in one of the following languages: Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Euro Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, and Korean.

The audio files include interviews, focus group studies, and phone calls and typically range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length.

The hourly rate will vary depending on your expertise and experience. You need to submit an application form for your preferred languages to begin the assessment.


13. SpeakWrite

Earning Potential: $0.0050 per word

SpeakWrite hires experienced freelance contractors who can work at least 4 hours a week transcribing legal and government transcriptions.

The company also offers general transcription work.  But to work as a legal transcriptionist, you must have at least 1 year of legal professional experience.

The audio files can be long and complex, so you must have excellent listening and be able to type at least 60 words per minute.


14. Cambridge Transcriptions

Earning Potential: $1-$3 per audio minute

Based in Massachusetts, Cambridge Transcriptions offers legal and corporate transcription opportunities to talented transcribers from all over the world.

Your job is to transcribe audio and video-recorded proceedings, lectures, discussions, interviews, webcasts, and conference calls.

To work as a legal transcriptionist, you need at least 1 year of experience.  To work as a corporate transcriptionist, experience in transcribing legal, medical, or technical documents is especially useful.


15. Xerox

Earning Potential:  Not provided

You might not think of typing and data entry jobs when you think of Xerox.  The company offers work-at-home jobs for qualified individuals, especially military spouses and veterans.

The hourly pay varies and depends on your skillsets and previous experience.  Compared to other sites reviewed in this guide, the hiring selection at Xerox can be tough and requires some business skills.


Get Paid To Type Captchas

captcha typing jobs daily payment

Captcha is a verification process to differentiate real users and bots.  Some sites require you to type in the captcha to verify that you’re a real user before granting you access.

Captchas come in three main categories including text-based, image-based, and audio.

Websites use this form of verification as part of the sign-up process to prove that you’re not a computer trying to gain access.  Companies needing to sign up for thousands of sites may use software to speed up the task.  However, Captchas can only be solved by humans.


16. 2Captcha

Earning Potential: $0.14 – $0.60 per 1000 words.  By referring friends, you can earn 10% of their earnings.

2Captcha is one of the better well-known sites that offers online captcha typing jobs with daily payment.  Once you’ve signed up, you can start solving captchas and earning money right away.

Besides direct transfer for US citizens, this company also offers payment withdrawals through Payeer, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and a few other payment methods.


17. Captcha Typers

Earning Potential:  $0.45 – $1.5 per 1000 words.  You also earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings.

Captcha Typers is another site that offers captcha entry jobs without investment for freelancers from all over the world.

You can earn more by working between 9PM to 9AM and referring friends.  It is worth noting that you need to type fast, otherwise the company will restrict your account for 30 minutes.


18. Mega Typers

Earning Potential:  $0.45 – $1.5 per 1000-word images typed

Similar to Captcha Typers, Mega Typers also offers a higher rate when you work at night.

You won’t get rich typing captchas, but you can expect to earn between $100 to $250 per month.  However, their top earners can earn up to $1.5K per month.


19. Kolotibablo

Earning Potential:  $0.35 to $1 per 1000 Captchas

Kolotibablo is another popular website that pays you to work from home typing captchas.  It is easy to sign up and get started working right away.

There is also a performance scoring system and the better the score, the more you’ll earn.


Get Paid To Type Captions

If you have Netflix, you might have noticed how all the shows have captions or subtitles.  Captions are a transcription of dialogue while subtitles are the translation of the dialogue into a given language. 

In order to get paid to type subtitles, you need to have mastered the language spoken in the video and the language being translated to.

However, you don’t need to master another language in order to get paid to type captions.  Here are several platforms where you can get paid to do transcription work:


20. Hollywood Transcriptions

Earning Potential:  $16 per hour

Hollywood Transcriptions offers transcription, translation, and captioning services to the entertainment industry.

You need to be able to type at least 65wpm and own a digital food pedal and transcription software in order to work for Hollywood Transcriptions.  You will be paid to create subtitles for movies and TV shows.


21. GoTranscript

Earning Potential:  $0.60 per video or audio minute

Based in the U.K, GoTranscript is one of the best platforms to get online typing jobs for freelancers worldwide.

It pays around $0.6 per audio minute on average. However, many freelancers on this platform also reported earning more than $1k per month even while working on a part-time basis.

They have an average earning of $150 per month and top earners make up to $1,215 per month.  Payments are made every Friday.


22. Aberdeen

Earning Potential: $1.5 per audio minute (or $90 per audio hour)

Aberdeen is a company that offers competitive pay to freelancers to work from home typing subtitles, captions, and transcriptions.

You must take a typing test as part of the hiring process and must be able to type at least 180 words per minute.   In addition, you must also have real-time captioning software, three phone lines, and two computers (one will be for backup).

If you’re able to type fast, this is where the money is at.  The hours are flexible and you can work as much or as little as you want.


23. 3PlayMedia

Earning Potential:  $30 per hour

3PlayMedia offers both full-time employment with benefits and freelance positions.

To be a good candidate, you need to be able to provide expert transcribing services independently and be able to provide a quick turnaround on a finished work product.

The application process can be lengthy and will take 15 minutes to complete.  You will then receive an email if you passed to the next step.


Get Paid To Type Handwritten Documents

As we move into the digital world, handwritten documents need to be converted into simple digital files.  Similar to most typing jobs, you will be paid per project.  You should type the documents as is, including errors and misspellings.  Here are a few ways you can get paid to type documents online:

24. Axion Data Entry Services

Earning Potential:  $6 – $9 per hour.  You can withdraw your earnings each month through your PayPal account.

In order to get paid to type handwritten documents for Axion, you should be able to type 50 wpm error-free or 15,000 keystrokes per hour.

According to the website, they now charge a $10 fee per year to keep your name in the database.  The change was made due to an extremely high number of people applying for positions, most of whom didn’t have the necessary skills.

This is to ensure that they only get people that really want to work for them.  However, there is no guarantee that they’ll actually ask you to work for them even if you do pay this fee, so I would weigh in the pros and cons to see if it’s even worth it.


25. DionData Solutions

Earning Potential:  Depends on the project

DionData Solutions is another site where you can get paid to type handwritten documents that are sent to you as a scanned file.  You are paid per document, so the faster you type, the more you’ll earn.

To work for this company, you should be able to type at least 60 wpm and be able to read various handwritten formats.

They also offer training and hire freelance contractors from the US only.


26. SigTrack

Earning Potential: ~$15 per hour

Sigtrack is a crowdsourcing platform that hires contractors to input voter registration information into their database.  This opportunity is exclusively for permanent U.S. residents and you will need to undergo a background check.

The application process is simple and quick.  Complete an online application and Sigtrack will contact you to arrange a Skype call.  After a successful Skype call, Sigtrack will create your account and provide training so you can begin working.

The hours are flexible and the pay is competitive and based on the accuracy of your work.


27. PeoplePerHour

Earning Potential: ~$5 – $30 per hour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace where you can get paid to type scanned documents or handwritten documents.  The platform offers you a chance to work on a fixed basis or hourly rate.

You can post your services and offer your skills on the platform and set your own rate.


28. WorkingSolutions

Earning Potential: ~$9 – $30 per hour

Working Solutions is known for providing customer service jobs, and now also offers data entry projects.  To get hired, you need to have a good typing speed with high accuracy and pass the skill assessment test.

There are both part-time and full-time opportunities available.  The hours are flexible and you can do your work from home.

Get Paid To Type Books

Book typing jobs are not as popular as other typing jobs since most books are made into digital or audio nowadays.  Get paid to retype books may include typing old books, old manuals, journals, manuscripts, and recipe books among others.

29. Fiverr

Earning Potential: Varies (most gigs start out at $5)

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces in the world.  After creating a free account and listing your skill sets, you need to create gigs to attract clients.

You can price the gig from $5 and charge more for add-on services.  If you have little or no experience, this is a good starting point to get experience.

30. FlexJobs

Earning Potential:  Varies – depends on the project

FlexJobs is a freelance marketplace that posts verified, legit jobs that have been vetted by real humans.  This is to ensure that the jobs are legit and not scams.

It is a paid subscription site and you can sign up for a 1-week, 1-month, 3-month, or yearly subscription.  Each employer sets the pay rate for their job listings so you are in charge of negotiating your final pay rate.

You can either post your own project requirements or apply directly for open projects.  You also have the option to directly neg


31. Upwork

Earning Potential: $16-$20 per hour

Upwork is another popular freelance site to find jobs where you can get paid to type.

Starting from data entry to copywriting, you can find various typing-related projects on the platform.  And once you find a project that you like, you can directly apply and negotiate your own rate.

The pay rate varies by project and employer.  Some projects are posted for a fixed payment amount, while others are listed by the hourly rate.


Get Paid To Type Music

32. WeLocalize

Earning Potential: $4 per song

WeLocalize is a company that pays you to listen to audio and type out the lyrics for the song transcription.

You are paid up to $4 for each song you transcribe without error.  If you can transcribe 4-5 songs in an hour, that’s $16-$20 you can earn quickly transcribing songs.

You will be paid through Hyperwallet (a member of the PayPal group of companies) once your work is reviewed and approved.


Get Paid To Type – FAQs

1. How Fast Do I Need To Type?

On average, a person types 40 words per minute or about 200 characters per minute.  A professional typist averages between 65 to 75 words per minute.

Speed and accuracy are both needed for typing jobs.  You can use TypingTest to test your speed and accuracy.

Here is the little test I just did to test my typing speed.

get paid to type


2. How Do I Get Hired To Work From Home?

There are a few ways to get paid to type from home.  One way is to contact companies and apply directly on their websites.

Another way is to use job search marketplaces like Upwork or Flexjobs and search for job listings.

Once you’ve found a few potential get paid to type jobs, the next step is to send in your resume and cover letter and prepare yourself for the interviews.


3. How Can I Learn To Type Faster?

I have never had any formal training when it comes to typing and people are always amazed when they see how fast I can type.  Practice makes perfect and I spend a lot of my time texting and writing blog posts.

Alternatively, there are also typing classes you can take or you can learn how to type by searching for tutorial videos on YouTube.

4. How Can I Earn Money By Typing?

Working in data entry is the most basic and easiest way to make money typing at home.  You can find many online typing jobs that pay daily or weekly.

Additionally, if you know your way around transcription, you can get paid to type audio recordings by typing what you hear.  There are many areas of transcriptions such as legal, corporate, or medical.


Get Paid To Type – Final Thoughts

You can find many get paid to type opportunities online, and most of them don’t require any special skills or training.  Keep in mind that most of these jobs still require you to be able to type fast with accuracy.

If you’re rusty, you can practice using TypingTest before applying for these jobs.  And if you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up.  Most of these jobs can be a great way to supplement your income when you have some free time.

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