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Online Test Scoring Jobs That Are Work From Home

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work from home test scorerAre you looking for a work at home job?  Online test scoring jobs are flexible and don’t require much to get started.

In this position, you will be working at home grading mostly tests and essays.  Most of the essays submitted are part of a standardized English portion of the ACT or SAT.

While most of these jobs are seasonal, some do hire all year round.  Most companies will invite you back year after year to grade tests and essays, provided you do a good job.

Other Work At Home Jobs:


5 Legit Online Test Scoring Jobs

1. Measurement, Inc.

Pay: $10-$13 per hour

Measurement, Inc. is a reputable company that hires seasonal work at home test scorer.

The work is usually temporary and project-by-project.  Hours are Monday through Friday for the duration of your contract and their busy season is March through June.  Hiring is usually done between November through March.

You are required to have a bachelor’s degree in any field.  You will score essays, open-ended test questions, and/or performance assessments in English, math, science, and many other areas.


2. Pearson

Pay: $10 – $16 per hour

Pearson is one of the leading companies that hires tutors, work from home test scorers, test developers, and many other projects for people who are bilingual.

To qualify, you need a Bachelor’s degree from a University or college in the U.S and you are required to have a degree in the subject you’re scoring.

Most positions are temporary and project-based.  As such, opportunities vary throughout the year and projects can last anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks.


3. ACT Writing Test Scorer

Pay: $12 – $13 per hour

ACT hires “readers” to score the students’ portion of the writing test on the ACT.  The hours are flexible and you can work from any personal computer.

To qualify, you will need a Bachelor’s degree or higher, reside in the U.S., and current English teaching experience to juniors and seniors in high school is preferred.

The job is performance-based work and earnings depend on accuracy and number of essays you score.

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4. ETS (Educational Testing Services)

Pay: ~$15 – $20 per hour

ETS (Educational Testing Services) provides test scoring for a variety of tests for various educational institutions.  Some positions might require a Bachelor’s degree while others might require you to have teaching experience.  Since their requirements vary greatly for each position, you have to apply to become certified for each project you’re scoring.

The hours are flexible, but you have to commit to the shifts that you choose.  Most projects require a minimum of four hours at a time for each shift.


5. Write Score

Pay: $10 – $15 an hour

Write Score is a fast-growing company that pays you to score essays written by elementary, middle school, and high school students.

To qualify, you need to have at least a 2-year college degree, undergo an orientation where you must pass the qualifying test and then analyze sample student papers to learn the system.  The downside is that you’re not paid for your training time.

Positions are available throughout the school year, with first orientation in late July to early August.

While there are no scheduled hours, you are given deadlines and some can be tight.  The pay depends on how quickly you move through your workload.


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