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Phrendly Review 2024: Can You Really Get Paid To Chat With Men?

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Can you really get paid to chat with men on Phrendly making $1,000 per month?  If you love flirting and getting paid to text men, then you will love this Phrendly review.

Meeting someone online doesn’t have the stigma it once had.  In fact, that’s how a lot of people meet their significant others these days.  While a lot of people use online dating sites hoping to find a lifelong partner, there are still a lot of people who enjoy online flirting without the pressure of ever having to meet up.

And that’s where Phrendly comes in. Phendly allows you to make money while flirting and having fun online.

Ok…this sounds too good to be true.  Let’s dive in to find out what Phrendly is and how you can make money flirting.


What is Phrendly?

phrendly review
Image Source: Phrendly

Phrendly is an app that lets you flirt with strangers and make money without the expectations of ever meeting up in real life.  It’s the perfect app for people who want to improve their dating skills, boost their confidence, or simply just want to have fun flirting after a long day of work.

Phrendly is for people who only like the idea of online relationships or for people who just want to flirt without commitment or meet in IRL.

Everyone loves the buzz of feeling wanted and the excitement of a new relationship, but not everyone loves what comes after that.

On Phrendly, someone shows their interest in you by “sharing a drink” with you, a drink that has a real monetary value.

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What Are The Requirements To Join Phrendly?

Requirements To Join Phrendly

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Reside in the US or Canada
  • ree with the terms of services (confirm you are not a sex offender and that you won’t allow other people to log into your account)
  • Own an Android device to run the Phrendly app (or just log in using the web browser)
  • High speed and stable internet connection
  • High-quality HD webcam if you want to opt for a video chat option

The company can terminate your membership and withhold your payment without prior notice if it has determined that you gave false information during the registration process.

Sign-Up Process

You can open Phrendly on your browser or download Phrendly app from the Google Play Store.  It is completely free to use.  Please note that Phrendly app is currently not available in the App Store.

Click on the join tab and fill out your information such as email address, preferred display member name, and password.  Alternatively, you can also use your Google and Facebook accounts to sign up.

Phrendly sign in
Source: Phrendly

Next, you will need to provide your phone number in order to receive a verification code from Phrendly.

Phrendly login
Source: Phrendly

Enter the verification code, upload your pictures, fill out your profile, and voila! Now you’re ready to start making money on Phrendly.


How Do You Make Money On Phrendly?

There are a few different ways to make money on Phrendly.  You can make money on Phrendly by chats, audio calls, or video calls.  Phrendly is free to use, but they do take a cut of your earnings.

If someone on Phrendly likes you, they will show interest by buying you a virtual drink, which has real monetary value.

The more you chat with people, the more drinks you get.  It’s the same thing as buying someone a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in real life to let them know you’re interested.


How Much Money Can You Make With Phrendly?

How much you make on Phrendly depends on how many interactions you make and the interaction types.  There are three main interactions through which you can earn money.

Make Money Chatting On Phrendy

Each chat will earn you $0.35 if you replied within 24 hours.  The person who sends the first chat message is the one who will pay for all chats going forward.  Keep this in mind and don’t message anyone first.  There is an option for you to show interest without having to send the first message.

⚠️ Important:  Do not send the first chat message, otherwise, you will have to pay for all chats going forward.


Chatting pays the least on Phrendly, but it is also the easiest.  If you’re able to make a lot of “phrends”, you can end up with lots of chats in a day.

Make Money With Audio and Video Calls

Just like on chats, the person who initiates a phone or video call pays for that individual call, regardless of who pays for the chats.

Audio and video calls are paid via drinks and each drink is $10.  You keep 70% ($7) of the value of drinks while Phrendly takes 30% ($3).  This is regardless of the call duration.  If you can engage in longer calls, then you will receive a bigger earning.

phrendly make money

You get to decide your rate per drink.  For phone calls, the minimum default rate is 8 minutes per drink.  Video calls have a minimum default rate of 6 minutes per drink. This means your audio calls need to last at least 8 minutes and 6 minutes for video calls.

You can change the rate to best suit you, but the default time is the lowest you can set it at.  That means the max you can make is $48 per hour and $66 per hour for audio and video calls, respectively.

phrendly make money

Make Money By Receiving Gifts

Another way to earn on Phrendly is by receiving virtual gifts from your “phrends”.  The gifts are worth from $5 up to $100.  You keep 90% of the value of the gift and Phrendly takes 10%.

They can send you virtual gifts to wish you a happy birthday, show their appreciation, or just because.

Phrendly review - phrendly make money


How Much Time Do You Need To Spend Per Day To Earn $1,000 Per Month?

If you get calls that last for a total of one hour daily, you will earn $1,008 per month ($48/hr x 30 days, minus 30% Phrendly commission).  On the other hand, you will earn $1,386 for video calls ($66/hr x 30 days, minus 30%).

Additionally, you can also earn by texting, receiving gifts, and referrals.


How To Get More Money on Phrendly?

Make your profile shine.  You don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.  Here are some tips to give you a little boost:

1. Unique Profile Picture

This is where you can stand out from the rest of the people on Phrendly.  GIFs that focus on the face (from shoulders up) get the most attention.  Since this is the first thing that users notice about you, make sure it’s clear, flirty, but keep it classy.  Also, sending fun photos and GIFs while chatting will certainly enhance your conversation.

2.  Share Your Hobbies & Interests

Sharing your hobbies and interests will keep the conversation going.  Give your phrends a glimpse of your passions with your words and descriptions.

3. Clean Video Set Up

Most smartphones come with very high-quality cameras so you shouldn’t have a problem if you have a smartphone.  Just make sure lighting is adequate so your phrends can see your face clearly during a video call.  Keep an eye on your background (make sure dirty laundry is not all over the floor).

6. Tell-a-Friend and Earn

Earn a free drink (equivalent to $10) when your friend signs up for Phrendly.  Your friend must spend or earn $15 in real money for you to earn your free drink.  You can send your friends your referral link via text or share it on Facebook.


How To Get Paid on Phrendly?

You will go through a quick verification process and if you earn more than $600 per calendar year, you must provide your social security number for tax purposes.  This might be a dealbreaker for a lot of people so keep it in mind before signing up.

Your account must have at least $10 in order for you to request a payout.  Phrendly only offers direct deposit to U.S.-based bank accounts and a monthly check.

Phrendly offers three ways for you to receive your payments:

  • Express Pay – you can withdraw every day and see deposits about 10 days later in your bank account.
  • Monthly Direct Deposit – you will be paid out on the first of every month and will see your deposit in about 10 days.
  • Monthly Check – your check will be issued on the first of the month and there is a $2.00 fee for each check.


Phrendly Reviews

There are no reviews for Phrendly on Trustpilot and the app is also not rated on BBB.

Phrendly Reviews on Google Play

The app has over 500k+ downloads on Google Play with a 3.6/5 rating from over 4k reviews.

phrendly app
Source: Google Play

Most of the complaints seem to be about glitchy video calls and high commissions rate.

phrendly reviews
Source: Google Play


Phrendly Reviews on Reddit

Looking through Phrendly reviews on Reddit, the app gets a lot of positive reviews.  Some people seem to be able to make money within 24 hours of signing up for the app.

Phrendly reviews reddit
Source: Reddit

As I have mentioned multiple times throughout this article, it is against Phrendly’s policy to take your conversation off of the platform.  It is for your own safety, and well, that’s how Phrendly makes money.

This reviewer ended up meeting someone who she now texts daily and receives $120 per month exclusively.  While I don’t encourage you to do this, ultimately, it is up to you to use your best judgment.

Phrendly user review
Source: Reddit

Phrendly App Alternatives

There are other legit and safe alternative apps/websites where users flirt and earn good money.


OnlyFans is a subscription-based service that costs fans up to $49.99 per month to view the creator’s content.  Some famous content creators on the platform include Cardi B, Denise Richards, Bella Thorne, Carmen Electra, and many more.

Followers can request for a pic or video and pay up to $50.  You can also earn by referring friends, OnlyFans pays you 5%, up to $1M of their earnings during the first year on the platform.


FlirtBucks is a chat operator platform that hires women who are 18 or older from Canada, the UK, Australia, and the U.S.

In order to work for FlirtBucks, you need to have a computer with a webcam and be able to type at least 40 words per minute.  FlirtBucks is a chat room and adult performance isn’t permitted.

You are paid anywhere between $0.40 to $0.50 per minute depending on how long you’ve been with the company.  If you’ve been with a company for 6 months or longer, your chat rate is $30 per hour.  If you don’t mind video chatting, FlirtBucks is a great website to earn money chatting.


MyGirlFund is another flexible platform where women can make money by chatting, flirting, selling photos, or running a cam show. The service is only available to US residents and you can set your own rate.

It is free to join the platform.  However, the company charges a service fee between 10% to 25% depending on your level when you cash out.


Pros & Cons of Phrendly App

Pros of Phrendly App

  • Free to join
  • Phrendly app available for Android
  • Offers a $5 welcome bonus
  • Earn as much as $66/hr with video chatting
  • Earn up to $100 in gifts from your phrends (friends)
  • Timely payment (within 10 days)
  • 3.6/5 Rating, 500k+ downloads on Google Play

Cons of Phrendly App

  • Not available worldwide
  • No app for iOS
  • Not rated on BBB and Trustpilot
  • Need a US bank account to receive payments
  • Charges 30% for phone/video calls and 10% for gifts on your earnings
  • Must provide social security number (for tax purposes)
  • There is a max limit for your rates (up to $48/hr for audio calls and $66/hr per video calls)


Phrendly Review:  Is Phrendly Legit and Safe?

Safety is an important factor when it comes to sites like Phrendly.  Phrendly assures its users that the app is safe and secure, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to choose what to share over the internet.

Phrendly uses Transport Layer Security which is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure online transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information including credit card information, name, and address.

Exchanging personal contact information is against Phrendly’s policy and you can lose your account if you don’t follow it.  Whether it’s their policy or not, you shouldn’t give out your information to strangers on the Internet anyway.

With over 500k+ downloads and a 3.6/5 rating on Google Play from over 4k reviews, Phrendly is a legit and safe site where you can earn money texting others.


Phrendly Review – FAQs

1. How Do I Get Free Virtual Drinks On Phrendly?

Free virtual drinks or sips are some of the easiest ways to make money on Phrendly.  There are three ways for you to get free drinks:

  • Verify your phone number during the sign-up process to earn 10 sips.
  • Buy your first drink and you get 20 sips.
  • You get 20 sips for every friend you refer using your referral link, and if they spend or earn a minimum of $15.

2. What Are Sips On Phrendly?

When you’re at a bar and someone buys you a drink hoping to have a conversation with you.  You converse as you keep taking sips of your drink.  Once you run out, the other person can offer to get you another drink to continue the conversation.

On Phrendly, the concept is the same.  One drink comes with 20 sips and it usually takes 6 to 8 minutes to dry out.  The more time you spend chatting, the more sips you take.  Once the drink is out, it’s up to the one who initiated contact to buy more drinks.

Keep the conversation interesting so you can earn more sips.

3. How Does The Referral Program Work?

After signing up for Phrendly, you will have a unique referral link to share with friends, family, and even on social media. Your friend will receive a free drink just to try it out and you will also earn a free drink (equivalent to $10) in return.

To qualify, your friend must spend or earn $15 in real money.  The more friends you refer, the more passive income you’ll be able to earn on Phrendly.

4. How Do I Cash Out On Phrendly?

To cash out, you must accumulate at least $10 in drinks after Phrendly has deducted their cut.  There are three ways to get paid by Phrendly: express pay, monthly direct deposit, and monthly check.

For express pay, you can withdraw your earnings every day and expect to see the deposit in your bank in about 10 days.

As for the monthly direct deposit, you will be paid out the first of every month and expect to see the money in your bank account in 10 days as well.

If you select monthly check, your check will be issued on the first of the month and there is a $2.00 fee for each check.

5. Do I Have To File Taxes On Phrendly Earnings?

If you earn more than $600 per calendar year, Phrendly will send you a 1099-K form and report your earnings to the IRS.

If you earn less than $600 per calendar year, Phrendly will not send you a 1099-K form and will not report your earnings to the IRS.

For tax purposes, Phrendly needs to verify your Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) in order to send you a 1099-K form.  Your payments can be suspended if the verification fails.  However, your earnings will continue to accumulate and will remain safe until your information can be verified.


Final Thoughts On Phrendly App Review

Phrendly is a legit app to make money texting and flirting online.  How much you make depends on you, but when use correctly you can earn over $1,000 a month just by spending an hour a day on the app.

And as always, stay safe and do not share your personal information whether you use Phrendly app or any other apps to make money online.

Ready to give Phrendly a try?