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How To Make Money Renting Out Things

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You might have heard of Airbnb (rent out your room).  What about rent out your car with Getaround?

Now you can rent out with just about anything else you have around the house with Fat Llama.

There is nothing new about earning extra cash for your unwanted possessions.  I remember selling my items for cheap on eBay and Craigslist as a young college student in need of extra money.  Now you can keep making money over and over again for the same item.

Fat Llama makes it easy to earn extra cash with your unused items and you get $20 just for signing up.


What Can I Rent or Lend on Fat Llama?

There must be something you have around the house that someone else might want.  Why not turn them into cash?

Here are some of the things you can rent or lend from Fat Llama:

  1. Film & Photography (cameras, lenses, lighting, photography studios)
  2. Audio Visual Equipment (PA systems, speakers, microphones)
  3. Projectors & Screens (standard projectors, film projectors)
  4. Drones (DJI drones, accessories)
  5. DJ Equipment (decks & turntables, mixers, controllers)
  6. Transport (scooters, bikes, vintage cars, boats, vans)
  7. Storage (garage, driveway, drop zones, loft/attic)
  8. Electronics (computer, gaming, virtual reality)
  9. Party & Events (staging, catering equipment, portaloos, tents, event lighting)
  10. Kids & Babies (car seats, seat boosters, breast pumps, baby monitors)
  11. Travel (camping, luggage)
  12. Sports (gym equipment, racket sports, fishing equipment)
  13. Clothing (wedding attire, formal wear, footwear)


How Much Can I Make?

You can earn up to $10,000 per month with Fat Llama.  There is a lot of potential to turn this side gig into a full-time income.

Got a wedding dress somewhere in your closet that you will probably never wear again?  Rent it!  Have an electrical scooter that you haven’t touched since last Christmas?  You know what to do with it now.


How Does It Work?

Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental platform that connects renters and lenders together.  It is super easy to use.  This is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for an account and get a $20 credit instantly.
  2. List the item you want to rent out.  Upload photos and set your own description, pricing and location.  You also have an option to sell your item.
  3. Wait for renters to message you.
  4. Arrange a time to exchange your item and get paid through their secure payment system.


Are My Items Insured?

YES!  For up to $30,000 USD.

If you’re anything like me, then you like the extra cash but don’t like other people touching your things.  What a dilemma right?  I know you wouldn’t want someone to dent your camera or break a lens.

Here is the good news. Fat Llama has something called Lender Guarantee (your item is insured for up to $30,000).  Here is what you need to do:

♦ Before the rental

Take time-stamped photos/videos of your item no more than 24 hours before the start of the rental to show that it is fully functional.

Locate proof of purchase of your item such as a receipt, email confirmation, or bank transaction.  You need this for proof of the cost of your item just in case your item is not returned to you (although rare, but it does happen).

After the rental

Check the item immediately and report damages or missing parts within 24 hours.  You will be covered for a full replacement cost for up to $30,000 if the borrower fails to return the item.


There are so many creative ways to earn extra cash and this is just one of them.  Let me know in the comment below if you’ve tried Fat Llama or any other ways to earn extra cash!


Other Ways to Earn Extra Money:

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Get Paid To Take Surveys – This is definitely legit.  You can earn up to $50 per survey with companies such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie.  Get $5 just for signing up with them, but you must confirm your email address to get it.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace.  You can work as a proofreader, translator, video creator, web designer, graphic designer, etc.

Want Quick Extra Cash?

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